We are always in the process of preparing for puppies, and hope to have some news on that front very soon. We have some females that are very close to being ready for insemination, another that awaits a pregnancy test, and other Females that may not be at the proper age, health, or we are choosing to hold off to ensure we meet criteria we have set for ourselves. 

Once we have ensured that we have an expecting Female, we will update both this puppy page, the corresponding Females’ page, and the Discussion Forums. We will be accepting deposits for anyone wanting to be assured a specific color combination, sex, or genetic lineage. 


We wanted to give a quick update on Chanel’s status, and a provide a few tidbits on info relating to our new little bundles of joy. Chanel gave birth via c-section on May 5th 2016, to four very healthy puppies. Two females and two males, all rather large puppies. The two females are already spoken for, however, the two males are still up for grabs. Our social media feeds are updated more frequently that our website, so if you wish to get more and quickey updates, check out our social media feeds.



Be sure to follow us on social media for prompt, immediate updates related to anything puppy. Our Discussion Forums are also a fast way to check for updates, and view any related content. If you have any further questions about our services, or anything related, feel free to visit the Contact page and drop us a line.

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