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Luckily for us, Chanel came into heat on Feb. 22 and we look forward in the coming weeks to the surprise (or many surprises) we hope await us soon. Check back soon for more info on the male we have chosen, and feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

UPDATE 03/06/2016 – Chanel had a trans-vaginal insemination performed 03/05, with semen from Mickey’s Bulldogs Suede. We are doing everything we can to ensure her the best chance of insemination, i.e. pre-natal supplements, removal from the kennel environment into a more suitable one. We hope to have a definitive answer towards the beginning April, at which time we will begin accepting deposits for puppies. We would also like to thank Mickey’s Bulldogs, and Jonathan from The Bulldog Connection. Above you will find a pic of Suede, whom we believe will give us some super quality puppies. Check back soon for more updates!



There is also a little bit more info posted on our discussion forums, so check it out!