Welcome to, a family-friendly dog breeding operation serving the greater New York City & New Jersey area, as well as providing service to clients around the globe via website. Our service include puppy adoption, grooming service, kennels, lifestyle assistance, stud service, and information portals available via our social media feeds and discussion forums.

Our animals are given nothing short of the very best care we can provide, which includes:



Social & Exercise Activities


Feel free to stop by our discussion forums for any questions & comments, or even to post show us a pic of your animal, it’s also the place if you are looking for any News or Updates relating to any of our dogs. Our contact page contains details needed if you would like to get in touch with us. The gallery page contains pics of all our animals. The breeds have been separated into their corresponding type, and contain pics divided into male/female categories. The Kennel Corner page will provide you with a glimpse into the living area we’ve constructed for our animals.

Below you will find a few useful links to pages on our site. Feel free to leave a comment, pic, or ask a question.