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Welcome to, your home for the finest quality English & French Bulldogs. We are located about an hour North of New York City, in New Windsor, NY. serves not only the greater New York City and New Jersey areas, as well as clients across the country and globally. We have the ability to arrange placement of an animal in almost any locale around the globe.

                The top priority of StarStruckBullyz is the health and welfare of the animals. For this reason, a selective housing process is adhered to for each puppy purchase.  An informational packet regarding health maintenance, diet, daily care, some background on the breed itself, and other pertinent information will be provided with each puppy approved for placement. Also included is the important veterinary care and immunization date history of the animal.

                Our animals are raised in a kennel specifically designed around their needs, which includes climate control, access to an outdoor environment, daily human contact, exercise, and lots of love and attention. We involve our children in the process of raising these animals, because we want all of our animals to have a pleasant demeanor around humans of all shapes and sizes, especially the little ones. Bulldogs make excellent family pets, and we have no issues in allowing our animals play-time with even the youngest of our children.

                Every animal we place has been thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to placement. Each animal arrives with a signed health guarantee, and ready to becoming a loving and loyal member of your home. Bulldogs can be a very timid breed at times, preparation is a necessary part in becoming a Bulldog owner.  They can require extra love and attention due to their occasional timid-ness, so be ready to shower them with affection upon arrival.

                Contact with clients is very important to us, and social media is our go-to platform. Don’t be afraid to visit our contact page and ask any contact us with any questions you would like answered. We generally update our social media pages daily, with new images, thoughts, opinions, etc. Make sure to check out the links to our social media pages’, and follow us for updates on any adorable puppies we may have coming down the pipeline.


 Our keeper from Coco’s litter will be Ferrero Rocher. Just and amazing looking girl that we just can’t let go.

We just had an Amazing litter drop 13 weeks ago. All our lil meatballs are currently sold. We still have our Chocolate tri Hersey that is not for sale at the moment. Couldn’t be happier with what our girl Coco gave to us. Here are a few pics of our babies.


We Also have a litter of 4 lil Blue 1 whie with blue spots and 1 Blue fawn Frenches from our girl Zooey and our Blue moon grandson Stitch. I will be posting pictures in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to check us out on social media, or contact us for more information.

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We hope to hear from you soon!

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